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The Ocean's Six Group’s Hottest New Construction

The Ocean's Six Group

The Ocean's Six Group

As the landscape of the New Jersey real estate market approached the inevitable change that defines its history; there was a need for a change in what defines an agent. As individuals, each member of The Ocean's Six Group demonstrated a commitment and dedication to the career we love.

With recognition of the prevailing winds of change it became obvious that trying to accomplish the level of continued dedication and service each of us considered standard... a team approach was mandatory.

By combining our talents and experience with synergy and competitive drive, we are able to bring a level of full service never before seen in the traditional approach. With over 1200+ homes closed, years of professional sales/marketing training from a Fortune 500 company and the ability to apply cutting edge technology to every marketing campaign... all we ask for is the opportunity to present our version of realtor representation.

We serve all aspects of the industry. Including residential, commercial, new construction, development, industrial revitalization, pre-foreclosure and investment. In today's most competitive market every advantage is a benefit, Why hire 1 agent when you can have a team of full time agents working for you! 

"Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds."

- US Navy Seals



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